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Insurance Claims & Tax FAQ's

Insurance Claims

If you need help with an insurance claim, we will be there to assist you. We have a great working relationship with all insurance companies and adjustors. In fact we recommend that you have us there at the initial meeting with your adjustor.

Below are some suggestions if you feel that your roof has suffered some damages that would be covered by insurance.

Do not hesitate to call your insurance provider. That is what your insurance company is there for. File your claim immediately. Soon after, a trained adjustor will contact you to schedule an appointment to look at your roof. It is extremely important to get the insurance representatives contact information, especially their office phone and cell phone number. Typically, adjustors are more easily contacted thru their cell phones. Once your insurance adjustor calls, tell them that you would like them to contact your roofer immediately. Simply call us with the adjustor’s contact information and we will schedule an appointment with the adjustor to look at your house immediately. This process will not only save you time but it will also assure that a professional roofer and insurance adjustor have examined your roof and properly determine what the problem is. We will help you with your insurance claim!

If you have already received your insurance information or settlement we will be glad to meet with you and explain what the insurance has paid for and how it will impact the cost of your new roof.

Insurance Rules

Once you have filed a claim, you have the right to have your claim processed and paid promptly. Generally, your insurance company must approve or deny your claim within 36 days after the company receives notice of your claim. Unless the company notifies you that more time is needed and tells you why. The additional period of time cannot exceed 45 days. If your claim results from a weather related catastrophe or other major natural disaster as defined by the Texas Department of Insurance, your insurance may take 45 days to approve or deny your claim. If your claim is approved, your insurance company must pay the claim within 5 business days (an additional 15 days may be taken if weather related) after they have notified you that they have accepted your claim.

If your claim is rejected, the insurance company must tell you in writing why all or part of your claim was rejected. You have the right to reject any settlement amount, including an evaluation offered by the insurance company. Remember, you have the right to have your roof repaired by the roofer of your choice. We genuinely hope you will ask Alpine Radiant Construction to do your work.

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